Multi-decoration Christmas Pack 2017

A graphical toolkit for producing and selling profitable Christmas themed multi-decoration apparel and gift items.

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GCC cutters will auto-perform Graphtec and Roland cutters with a lower cost and easier operation.

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Virtual Art Portfolios

Virtual Art Portfolio

View a virtual version of the full color art portfolios that are included with each vector art volume.

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Graphics Studio 1 & 2

Graphics Studio 1 & 2

Digital Printing Power Bundle

Graphics Studio is a set of graphical tools designed to produce high-end custom graphics, decrease art production time, and increase creativity. This is an ideal set of professional tools for creating themed graphical concepts across a wide variety of production applications and markets.

Create custom graphics using our simple process

Step 1. Pick Elements - Step 2. Compose Graphics - Step 3. Create Concept

Steps of Graphics Studio

High-end Custom Graphics

  • Decrease art production time
  • Increase creativity
  • Themed concept pages
  • Variety of production applications and markets
  • All images are vector based so they can be resized without lose of quality.
  • File sizes are a fraction the size of raster images of the same quality


  • Half Tones
  • Backgrounds
  • Tileable Camoflage
  • Smart Templates
  • Clip Art
  • Fonts

Smart Templates

A Smart Template is a design composed of graphical elements, text, and a stock layout. Each template can be fully customized and modified in either CorelDRAW or Illustrator to create unlimited variations. Smart Designer owners can edit the templates interactively.

Vector Illustrations

There is a big difference in style and quality between our vector illustrations and traditional clipart images. Our vector illustrations start out as pen and ink drawings and are translated into complex vector graphics. Some of the illustrations have over 10 hours of production time involved in their creation.

Hand Drawn Fonts

Great designs use great fonts. Our TrueType fonts are at the cutting edge of graphical styles for apparel decoration. Each font can be used independently or modified within design templates. They include sets for both Mac and Windows.

Sales Portfolio

Each image in the collection is represented in a professional sales portfolio that is designed to be used as a portable sales tool to display your graphics capability. It also acts as an "idea book" for creating customized graphics.

  • Graphics Studio 1 & 2
  • $299.99 Each
  • File Format: AI, CDR, PDF
  • 56 Templates*
  • 112 Vector Illustrations*
  • 156 Fonts**
  • Purchase Online

Product Flyer

pdf Download

If you'd like to save this information please download and print the details and sample images of this art volume.

* In each volume
** Same font list in each volume


"I have over 15 years in the large format printing, signage and digital markets, and I have rarely seen a product this versatile and impressive! The vector images in the Graphics Studio collections are easily scaled and color edited, plus, the image layers can be chosen selectively to create widely varying effects. The Vector images in Graphics Studio just make sense for large format printing and vehicle wraps. They offer clearer definition in large format, simpler and easier to read wraps that can employ spot colors or gradient fills, and the utter simplicity of vastly smaller file sizes when compared to huge bitmap output files often found in large format printing. The kicker is that each vector element can be easily re-colored, edited or modified for a specific application (without crushing your processor like giant bitmaps). Use them for business cards, wraps, banners and P.O.P, right up to the largest printed billboards you can imagine. With a full arsenal of design elements, backgrounds, design templates and fonts - DAS provides the sensible way to design and print!"
Christian Van Schepen
Co-founder of Digital Auto Library

"In these economic times you have to pick and choose what tools to buy to get the biggest return on your investment. I've been dealing with Digital Art Solutions for a couple of years now, so I know the quality of their products and the staff is fantastic. I recently purchased Graphic Studios 1 & Graphic Studios 2. They are fantastic programs. I sold a banner the first day, another banner the next day along with some magnets. It paid for itself the first week I owned it. I am using Graphic Studio with my Corel/Smart Design program. The vector quality is fantastic. I can come up with so many combinations and import other clip art. The editability is so fast and easy and the colors print absolutely perfect.This was a home run. I love it."
John Fitzgerald
Letters and Graphics by Fitz

vinyl banner
vinyl banner

"For over 20 years I have been using artwork from every possible source and in almost all cases I get results that are what they are with large format printing. Since I discovered the INCREDIBLE VECTOR art at Digital Art Solutions, my jobs have NEVER LOOKED SO GREAT. You see when you send jobs over to a RIP for printing, if you can define for the RIP what colors you want for each element, you get what you are expecting, but if you send over a TIFF file, well you get output that is good but rarely fantastic. We get FANTASTIC results from every single file from DAS, and when I say FANTASTIC, I mean STUNNINGLY FANTASTIC.

DAS has opened doors for jobs and clients that we could have never won without this artwork. At this point we are only limited by our imagination! Thank you DAS and keep up the great work."
David King

Promotional Signs
Car Wrap Design

Custom Vector Art Templates

"Not all vector art is created equally. At Digital Art Solutions we hand craft every vector image to ensure that it is "production-ready". This means that you will not have to spend extra time preparing images for production."

Craig Mertens
President, Digital Art Solutions