Multi-decoration Christmas Pack 2017

A graphical toolkit for producing and selling profitable Christmas themed multi-decoration apparel and gift items.

Increase Your Profits this Holiday Season

End of the Year GCC Cutter Promotion

GCC cutters will auto-perform Graphtec and Roland cutters with a lower cost and easier operation.

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Master Vector Clipart Collection

Master Vector Clipart Collection

Benchmark for production ready artwork

This collection of vector artwork is the benchmark for production ready digital artwork and that defines the category. Each file has been meticulously crafted to insure maximum flexibly for popular production processes. Visually , the files offer a tremendous variety of styles and subject matter. Each file has been hand selected from the most popular collections of Digital Art Solutions productionready art volumes.

The Standard in Production-ready Digital Clipart


  • Business
  • Fire and Police
  • Trades
  • Sports
  • Mascots
  • Paw Prints
  • Events/Milestones
  • Holidays
  • Military
  • Religion
  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Hunting/Wildlife
  • Fishing
  • Beach
  • Biker/Power Sports
  • Cartoons
  • Patriotic
  • Resort and Tribal

10 Reasons to Purchase Master Vector Clipart Collection

  1. It is our best clipart assembled into one giant collection. This becomes your “go to” clipart volume that enhances the value of all of our products.
  2. This is a huge volume with almost 7,000 vector images. The largest number of images in any of our collections.
  3. It is easy to locate an image because they are all grouped into categories by subject matter.
  4. You get a portable book marked PDF product catalog that is keyword searchable, the images look great on screen, and works on a tablet computer or smart phone.
  5. All of the artwork has been reworked to be more production friendly.
  6. Every file is 100% production ready , all Pantone Spot Colors, no intersecting paths, no excess colors or mixed color models, no excess drawing node. Just import and go straight to production.
  7. There are true single color images so the background won't show up. These images are ideal for laser engraving, single color screen printing or vinyl cutting.
  8. There are now true two color layered images that are perfectly setup for screen printing or twocolor vinyl applications
  9. There are enhanced color images that are ideal for digital output. These images look awesome in full color printed on a DTG printer or sublimation system.
  10. Every image is keyword searchable in the Corel Import function, Corel CONNECT, Windows Explorer and Smart Designer T emplate Editor. It is super easy to find a file.
$399 Purchase Online
  • Master Vector Clipart Collection
  • $399.99
  • File Formats: EPS
  • 2,294 Unique Vector Illustrations
  • PDF Keyword Searchable Catalog
  • PDF Quick Start Guide instructions
  • Training Video
  • Installation CD
  • Purchase Online

Product Flyer

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If you'd like to save this information please download and print the details and sample images of this art volume.

Product Flyer

Custom Vector Art Templates

"Not all vector art is created equally. At Digital Art Solutions we hand craft every vector image to ensure that it is "production-ready". This means that you will not have to spend extra time preparing images for production."

Craig Mertens
President, Digital Art Solutions