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View a virtual version of the full color art portfolios that are included with each vector art volume.

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Sports & Mascots 2

Sports & Mascots 2

Essential for Schools and Sports

Our second edition in a series dedicated purely to sports. This is not only one of our most popular volumes, as well as biggest, but it is the most essential volume for people dealing in schools and sports.

As a bonus we've provided innovative new tools including mascots in action poses with interchangeable heads and bodies. Also each mascot comes in four unique styles to help you match your clients taste.



  • Smart Templates come in both black and white and color.
  • Output images in a single color or multi-color using built-in spot color separations.
  • Search for images by keyword with Smart Designer 10.11 and 12.
  • Professional starting points we call Smart Templates allow you to deliver high-end custom graphics in a fraction of the time.
  • All images are vector based so they can be resized without lose of quality.
  • Ideal for vinyl cutting, screen printing, routing, embroidery digitizing, glass etching, engraving, digital transfers, and large-format digital printing.

Mascot Styles

Each mascot is provided in four distinct styles including: modern, comic book, classic, cartoon.

Mascot Clip Art


Smart Templates

A Smart Template is a design composed of graphical elements, text, and a stock layout. Each template can be fully customized and modified in either CorelDRAW or Illustrator to create unlimited variations. Smart Designer owners can edit the templates interactively.

Vector Illustrations

There is a big difference in style and quality between our vector illustrations and traditional clipart images. Our vector illustrations start out as pen and ink drawings and are translated into complex vector graphics. Some of the illustrations have over 10 hours of production time involved in their creation.

Hand Drawn Fonts

Great designs use great fonts. Our TrueType fonts are at the cutting edge of graphical styles for apparel decoration. Each font can be used independently or modified within design templates. They include sets for both Mac and Windows.


Mascot illustrations are provided in a variety of classic styles. These mascots can be used for specialty graphics where the official mascot does not bring the design to life.

Product Blanks

The key to creating impactful virtual samples and sales proposals is effective product blanks. Each product blank can be easily modified to create limitless color combinations. Popular apparel items, headwear and promotional products are included.

  • Sports & Mascots 2
  • $149
  • File Format: EPS, CDR
  • 384 Templates
  • 350 Vector Illustrations
  • 140 Fonts
  • 600 Mascots
  • 72 Mascot Poses
  • 48 Vector Fill Patterns<
  • 24 Product Blanks
  • Proposal Pages
  • $149 Purchase Online

Custom Vector Art Templates

"Not all vector art is created equally. At Digital Art Solutions we hand craft every vector image to ensure that it is "production-ready". This means that you will not have to spend extra time preparing images for production."

Craig Mertens
President, Digital Art Solutions