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Virtual Art Portfolios

Virtual Art Portfolio

View a virtual version of the full color art portfolios that are included with each vector art volume.

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Rhinestone Templates

Stone Stencils

Stone Stencils 1-4

Stone Stencils Vol 1-4 are collections of stock rhinestone patterns produced for use with most popular vector graphics and rhinestone programs. Each pattern is designed so rhinestones can be added, deleted or modified to create endless combinations. Patterns can be combined with Digital Art Solutions Rhinestone Font Packs to create unique designs with both rhinestone text and stock patterns.

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Multi-Decoration System
  • Volume 1
  • $99
  • 164 Rhinestone Patterns
  • 117 Outline Patterns
  • 284 Simulated Patterns
  • 26 Concept Pages
  • 10 Rhinestone Fonts
  • 12 Alphabets
  • Sales Portfolio
  • Purchase Online
  • Volume 3-5
  • $99
  • 50 Interactive Rhinestone Patterns
  • Color PDF Image Catalog
  • Eight Interactive Training Videos
  • PDF Quick Start Guide
  • Purchase Online

Stone Stencils 1

  • Animals
  • Bridal
  • Dance & Cheer
  • Flowers & Trees
  • Holidays
  • Mascots
  • Mom
  • Rebel Biker
  • Religion
  • Sayings
  • Southwest
  • Sports
  • Symbols
  • Alphabets

Stone Stencils 2

  • Bridal
  • Christian
  • Crowns/Fleur di Lis
  • Dance/Cheer
  • Floral

Stone Stencils 3

  • Animals
  • Biker Graphics
  • Mascots
  • Mom Designs
  • Sports

Stone Stencils 4

  • Beach
  • Holiday
  • Popular Symbols
  • Slogans
  • Holidays

Custom Vector Art Templates

"Not all vector art is created equally. At Digital Art Solutions we hand craft every vector image to ensure that it is "production-ready". This means that you will not have to spend extra time preparing images for production."

Craig Mertens
President, Digital Art Solutions