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Wonder Flock

Wonder Flock

Rhinestone Transfer Material

We invented the process of creating a rhinestone heat transfer with a vinyl cutter in 2008. Since then, our process has become the world-wide standard for creating rhinestone apparel. The Wonder Flock Rhinestone Template System is the latest inno-vation from Digital Art Solutions. This exclusive system is the most economical and best performing rhinestone template system on the market.

  • Wonder Flock
    Wonder Flock Weeding
  • Wonder Flock
    Respositionable Alphabet
  • Wonder Flock
    Application System

Benefits of Wonder Flockā„¢ Rhinestone Template Material

  • Align closely spaced multi-color patternswith Patent Pending Smart Frame System.
  • Reduce labor with superior"weeding" of material after cutting.
  • High visibility black material creates contrastbetween stones and template material.
  • Static resistant fibers eliminate shifting or jumping of rhinestones.
  • Effortlessly steer ss6 rhinestones or 2mmrhinestuds into stencils with a Micro Fiber sponge.
  • Works with stone diameters from 2mm up to 6mm.
  • Brush ss6 and ss10 stones into the samestencil without creating separate stencils.
  • Create lettering kits or customizable layouts byrepositioning stencils on re-usable plastic sheet.
  • Store stencils on inexpensive wax paper.

Wonder Flock Out performs other Rhinestone Flock Materials

  • Costs up to 30% less than other rhinestone flock materials.
  • Does not require a "flock work station", material is positioned on inexpensive plastic sheets.
  • Stones flow effortlessly into stencils, including ss6 rhinestones and 2mm rhinestuds.
  • Smart Frames Alignment System eliminates need to stack and align multicolor patterns