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Direct to Garment System

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Direct To Garment Printer

Direct to Garment Printer

Smart Garment Printing System

The Smart Garment Printer is a revolution in direct to garment printing. This fourth generation printer has been designed to be simple to operate, easy to maintain with a low initial investment. It's never been more affordable or profitable to get into the direct to garment printing business.

Packages Start at $7,999

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Each System Includes

  • Smart Garment Printer
  • VPM RIP Software for optimized digital output
  • 13" by 20" adult loading box
  • Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black ink (100 ml bottles of each color)
  • Bottle of cleaning solution
  • 100 sheets of silicone finishing paper
  • Cleaning cartridge system
  • Triple reinforced re-usable shipping container
  • Free technical support on all components
  • Training guide

Superior Image Quality

Resolute DTG Textile Inks® are formulated with the same dyes and pigments used in conventional textile printing, Resolute inks offer superior results for digital textile printing – brilliant colors, excellent fastness properties, and robust print reliability.

Easy to Load

The loading platforms do not require height adjustment and garments can be loaded away from the machine. The next garment can be loaded while the printer is printing.

Integrated RIP Software

The integrated RIP software makes printing from CorelDRAW, Illustrator or PhotoShop a breeze. Colors and resolution can be automatically optimized for each garment color or fabric.


A big print area with a small footprint and weight of 100 pounds makes this printer the ideal solution for printing onsite graphics.

Superior Wash-ability

DuPont™ Artistri® inks create a bond between the ink and cotton resulting in higher print yields and super wash durability.

Fast and Reliable

The CMYKK (2 black cartridges) configuration with the proven EPSON printer technology is a fast and reliable ink delivery system for direct to garment printer. In the event of a printer failure, the print engine can be easily swapped out in the field, dramatically reducing repair costs and down time.


The system is capable of printing on a wide variety of apparel items from Youth T-shirts to Adult Hoodies plus tote bags, towels and other promotional items


The Smart Garment Printing System is available at a break-through price point. No other printing system in its class offers more value.


Completely portable, The printer includes a carrier with handles that allows 2 people to safely and easily move the printer.

Well I Did It AGAIN!!

Several years ago I discovered Digital Art Solutions at a trade show and jumped in with both feet, doing vinyl and sublimation transfers using their images and their proprietary add-on for Corel Draw, Smart Designer, and promptly started making money. Then the rhinestone craze hit and I purchased a desktop engraver to make templates…but it was so slow and limiting in size of templates. Then again at ISS Show in Long Beach I watched a DAS demo on their vinyl cutter and rhinestone system and I was hooked again. This turned out to be a great decision for me and it continues to be. I have told many that a good quality cutter like my SmartCutter Pro is almost an A TM machine in your office. I was not the first to buy into this… but pretty close to the first. No second guesses for me.

Once again I got hooked on a new method to decorate garments and purchased a DTG machine. This purchase was done without doing my homework. It was a machine…now out of production, that would do dark and white garments... This turned out to be a brutal experience. T o do dark shirts with white ink, you have to master pretreatment…what an expensive lesson for me. The cost of white ink, the cost of pretreatment and the cost of ruined shirts soon showed me that this was a recipe for disaster in my shop.

Then I chanced upon what I consider to be the best investment in the DTG business. It is the Smart Garment Printing System that is being sold by DAS. At the present price of $6,995 it is the least expensive, easiest to use, quickest to setup of any DTG I have checked out. True it will only do white/light garments, but I have had great success in printing pastel blue, yellow, orange and green. The ink cost is much less than what was being sold to me before and the loading system cannot be beat. Y ou can print a shirt in under 2 minutes, heat press for 90 seconds and presto!... you have a completed shirt that can return a nice tidy profit…add to that the customizing ideas of rhinestone additions and again you have created an additional profit level.The footprint of the unit is small, weighs just less than 100 lbs and can easily be setup for offsite printing when you have electrical power. The ink delivery is via refillable cartridges which are a breeze to use and you don't have to worry about clogged lines, or print head damage. Do not get lulled into a DTG that is made in some backroom with limited exposure, support. Some just offer a 90 day warranty. With DAS, they offer full support and great assstance in getting your business off the ground.

For me the recipe for success in the garment decoration business is the use of the Smart Garment Printer , heat press, the DAS graphics software and a vinyl cutter…The price point for retail sales will vary with your location, but you surely can beat the competition... hands down!

Charles Russell
ByDesign Advertising

Printer Type Direct to Garment Inkjet Printer
Printer Technology Epson wide format inkjet printer
Print Head Technology Epson Piezoelectric Inkjet
Ink Delivery System Refillable CMYKK Ink Cartridges (2 black cartridges)
Maximum Printing Area 12.5"x 19.7"
Dimensions Length: 35", Width: 28", Height: 15"
Weight 100 lbs
Print Resolution 720 by 1440 dpi, maximum resolution of 2,880
Printable Substrates 100% Cotton or poly-cotton blends, 100% polyester with pre-treatment
Operating System Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 (64-bit or 32-bit)
Interface High Speed USB 2.0
Operating Environment 50-90 degrees F (10-35 degrees C), 20-80% Relative Humidity
Electrical Requirements AC 110 volts, 4 amps , compatible with any standard outlet