High Performance Vinyl Cutters

GCC Jaguar V LX 60 - GCC Pume III 60

GCC cutters represent a price performance breakthrough in vinyl cutters. These affordable 24" cutters do not sacrifice performance as compared to machines in their price range. With class leading tracking, cutting speed and down-force pressure, these cutter leave competitively priced models in the dust. GCC cutters are easy to operate with simple manual controls.

GCC Jaguar V LX 60

High Performance Vinyl Cutter

GCC Puma III 60

Entry-Level Vinyl Cutter

Friendly Operation with Multi-Function LCD

Basic functions such as material width, blade depth and blade pressure can be adjusted manually using the LCD panel. In addition, a virtual LCD software can automatically update the cutter with advanced settings for specific materials including accuracy, speed and over-cut for thicker materials. The LCD is extremely user friendly with one-touch buttons for common functions. This user is not required to hunt through layers of menus to adjust settings or access common functions such as test cuts and starting points.

Flexible Connectivity with Plug and Play Connection

Jaguar V LX cutters support USB, serial and Ethernet connectivity. USB and Ethernet provide faster and data transmission between the computer and your cutting software. Puma III cutters support USB and serial cconnectivity. USB and Ethernet provide

Cut Directly from CorelDRAW, Illustrator or Freehand

Automatically populate a graphical layout with text from a text file. Ideal for name badges, awards and player names/numbers.

Tangential Emulation Cutting

The carriage sensor automatically detects the tip of the blade in contact with the media. Then, it aligns the blade to the corresponding position with the cutting operation. This feature eliminates distorted, rounded, or lifted corners, especially on thick or delicate materials.

High Speed Precision Cutting

With powerful DC controlled digital servo motors, the GCC Jaguar V LX is amongst the fastest cutters on the planet. With a maximum cutting speed of 60 inches per second a Jaguar V LX will quietly and efficiently output to the widest variety of materials. The Puma III is the fastest cutter in its class at 33.4 inches per second.

Versatile Cutting of the Widest Variety of Materials

With 600 grams of cutting force, the Jaguar V LX is incredibly versatile. Variable force enables cutting of the widest variety of materials. With three or more adjustable pinch rollers, the cutters can be adjusted to feed nearly any cuttable material. The Puma III has class-leading 400 grams of cutting force.

Precision Contour Cutting

The Accu-Aligning-System (AAS II) on a Jaguar V LX or Puma III guarantees contour cutting by detecting the registration marks on digitally produced images. This system is ideal for print and cut vehicle graphics and decals.

33 Feet of Guaranteed Tracking

The Jaguar V LX media handling system is fully adjustable. Standard vinyl cores are capped with a pair of media flange that sits in tracks on top of a pair of media rollers. Other systems do not have the media flanges and roller tracks to eliminate lateral drift of materials. This system reduces media drifting and alignment problems for guaranteed material tracking up to 33 ft. The Jaguar V LX has the longest tracking guarantee in the industry. The Puma III has the longest tracking guarantee in its class at 16.4 feet.

Added Safety with Groove Cut-off Tool

This unique tool enables you to cut off a finished job in a straight line without risking damage to the user or material.

  • GCC Puma III Package
  • $1,199
  • The Puma III is an entry-level servo motor cutter. It is ideally suited for standard heat press vinyl, sign vinyl, rhinestone templates and glitter vinyl. The Puma III is recommended as an affordable alternative to entry level stepper motor cutters with superior tracking, significantly faster cutting speed and greater cutting precision.
  • Graphics Anthology
  • Personalized Online Training and Setup
  • Free Stand
  • Materials Starter Kit
  • Blade Kit
  • Membership to the Owner's website
  • GCC GreatCut 3 Software
  • GCC Jaguar V LX 60 Package
  • $2,499
  • The Jaguar V LX is a high performance servo motor cutter. It is ideally suited for standard heat press vinyl, sign vinyl, rhinestone templates, glitter vinyl, window tint film, sand blast mask, poly twill and other backed fabrics. The machine has superior down-force pressure to cut a wide variety of materials with a class leading tracking capability and speed.
  • Media Handling System
  • Stand with Media Basket
  • Lifetime Technical Support
  • Materials Starter Kit
  • Blade Kit
  • Membership to the Owner's website
  • GCC GreatCut 3 Software

GCC Vinyl Cutter Spec Comparison

Features / Specs

GCC Jaguar V LX


Cutting Speed 60 ips 24 ips
Max Downforce 600 grams 400 grams
Tracking Guarantee 30 Linear Ft 10 Linear Ft
Max. Cutting Width 24 inches 23.3 inches
Max. Material Width 30.3 inches 28.3 inches
Min. Material Width 2 inches 2.7 inches
Max Media Thickness .8 mm .8 mm
Memory Buffer 4 Mb 4 Mb
Pinch Rollers 3 2
Weight * 40 lbs 28.6 lbs
Dimensions * 16" x 37" x 19" 9" x 35" x 10"
AAS II Contour Cutting Systems
USB, Serial Parallel Interface
Integrated Media Roller System
Whisper Quiet Digital Servo Motor
Tangential Emulation
Optional Pouncing Capability
Limited Warranty 2 Years 2 Years
Technical Support Lifetime Lifetime

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Best in Class

"In every case we have sourced the most reliable and user friendly hardware device in its respective class. Our industry experience and support are key advantages over the traditional equipment resellers."

Craig Mertens
President, Digital Art Solutions