Introducing SmartVector Pro 3


Scanned images or bitmaps can be easily converted to production-ready vector art work and exported in a variety of industry standard file formats. The software has powerful vector editing tools including auto-welding, advanced outlining, block shadowing (with automatic trimming), contouring (print and cut contours) plus name dropping/serialization functions.

Have you ever asked a potential customer to supply you with a file of their logo, and they gave you a business card?

Now you can scan this "logo", and import it into SmartVector Pro 3 to use it's large selection of clean-up tools.

Convert scanned images or bitmaps into production-ready vector art with superior results and editing capabilities.

The Auto-weld function will convert complex artwork with intersecting objects into production-ready cut files.

The completed artwork is ready to be sent to DRAWings embroidery software to be converted into a sew file.

Our goal is to help you to design and produce artwork more productively so you can reduce your art production time and achieve a profitable bottom line.

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