DRAWings 8 Essentials
Drawings 8 Essentials is a powerful and affordable software for everyday production of embroidery, monogramming and applique. The software uses state of the art vector to stitch conversion technology to automatically convert vector graphics into production-ready stitch files. Drawings 8 Essentials allows anyone with minimal embroidery experience to produce professional sew files with a fraction of the learning curve of complex and expensive traditional digitizing programs.

DRAWING Essentials 8: Embroidery, Applique, and Monogramming Software

DRAWings Essentials is a user-friendly but powerful automated software which allows anyone regardless of experience to create production-ready embroidery files. This is not traditional digitizing software or auto-digitizing software. DRAWings uses patented DRAWstitch technology to convert artwork into dynamic embroidery design with full control over embroidery parameters.

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Feature Highlights

Drag and Drop from CorelDRAW

Vector source artwork can be imported directly into DRAWings Essentials in popular file formats. Users can also drag and drop vector images from CorelDRAW into DRAWings. Vector artwork is automatically converted into professional quality embroidery using patented DRAW Stitch technology.

Fabric Presets for Optimum Results

Choose a fabric preset depending on the specific job. DRAWStitch technology will dynamically adjust the density, compensation and underlay of the embroidery automatically.

Automated Applique Production

Completely automated applique production with full control over fixing stitch type, stitch length, density and overlap. Automatic sequencing of placement, tacking and fixing stitches for precut fabrics or tear away fabrics.

Powerful Monogramming Functions

User-friendly monogramming functions with 25 interactive monogramming templates with borders and text. Change the overlap order of interlocking characters.

Automatic and Manual Embroidery Sequencing

Set the embroidery sewing sequence using preset strategies or manually adjust the sequence through the Sequence Manager.

Sewing Simulator with 3D Rendering

Simulate the sewing process and preview the embroidery sequence before production with an accurate 3D preview

Automatic Trimming of Overlapping Shapes

When embroidery objects overlap each other, DRAWings will automatically remove the embroidery underneath the overlapping objects. This prevents excess stitches and produces the optimum embroidery results. Overlap removal can also be disabled.

Flexible File Export Options

The DRAWings file format saves both the embroidery and the original source artwork. Embroidery is dynamically regenerated if a fabric preset is changed or a design is resized. Files can be exported as embroidery or images.

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DRAWings 8 Essentials Software

  • Convert vector graphics to embroidery
  • Create interactive monogram templates
  • Automate the applique process

My Editor

  • Advanced editing of embroidery designs
  • Merge embroidery designs
  • Interactively edit individual stitches
  • Edit sew functions such as stops and trims

Vector Stitch Art Package

  • 50 stitch-ready vector clipart images
  • 20 stitch-ready DAS TrueType fonts
  • 50 interactive stitch-ready design templates
  • Step-by-step video tutorials

Training Resources

  • Built-in help system with search index
  • Access to free weekly webcasts
  • Free phone and email support

Instead of learning complex production and design steps, DRAWings 8 Essentials can efficiently create and output multi-decoration graphics through automation.


DRAWings Essentials has a user-friendly and simple graphical interface similar to popular graphics programs such as CorelDRAW.


Sewing is believing. DRAWings Essentials has the most powerful vector to stitch conversion technology in the industry. Instantly convert vector graphics to production-ready sew files.


With 25 preset monogramming templates, convert any font into an interactive monogramming template. Patented technology enables complete control over weaving of interlocking letters.


Multi-decoration designs or monograms can be easily created using Smart Designer Pro or Rhinestone Designer and mixed with embroidery or applique elements in DRAWings Essentials.


Sew files are dynamically regenerated if fabric presets or sizing is changed. Completed files can be output in most popular file formats for both home and commercial embroidery machines.


DRAWings Essentials includes the My Editor embroidery editing software. Embroidery designs can be edited or merged. My Editor enables complete control over machine parameters such as stops and trims along with individual stitch editing.


Powerful applique functions automate the sewing sequence of placement, tack down and finishing stitches for applique production with a cutter or laser. Create cut files in your graphics program and convert them to production-ready sew files in seconds.


DRAWing Essentials has two modes, Auto Mode and Manual Mode. Auto mode assigns stitch parameters based on fabric presets. In Manual Mode, the user has control of stitch parameters such as density, stitch length, underlay and sequencing for outlined stitches.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor 2+ GHz Intel or AMD (x86) processor
Memory 4GB RAM
Free Hard Drive Space 1GB of free uncompressed space
Graphics Card 3D DirectX 10 accelerator with at least 512 MB dedicated RAM, 32-bit color.
Monitor Resolution Minimum 1920x1080
Other Hardware DVD Drive

Simplify Art Production

"Drawings 8 Essentials allows anyone with minimal embroidery experience to produce professional sew files with a fraction of the learning curve of complex and expensive traditional digitizing programs."

Craig Mertens
President, Digital Art Solutions