Rhinestone Designer 2017

Rhinestone Designer 2017 is an add-on software that blends in seamlessly with CorelDRAW X7. Rhinestone Designer 2017 adds over 65 design and production features to CorelDRAW that automate and simply art production for rhinestone apparel and heat applied graphics.

Introducing Rhinestone Designer 2017

Workflow Overview

Product Overview

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Rhinestone Designer 2017 Software

  • Add 65+ features to CorelDRAW X7
  • Includes glitter vinyl and weathered effects
  • Includes heat transfer and rhinestone color palettes

Training Resources

  • 30 interactive video tutorials
  • 80 page PDF Training Guide
  • PDF tips sheets and training documents
  • Access to free weekly webcasts
  • Free email support
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Rhinestone Designer 2017 Sample Pack

  • 42 cut-ready vector clipart images
  • 24 interactive design templates
  • 76 editable rhinestone patterns
  • 12 weathered overlay effects
  • 183 vector and rhinestone design elements
  • 10 keyboard typeable rhinestone fonts
  • 48 product templates for creating virtual Samples
  • 92 vector Power Clip patterns
  • Rhinestone size calibration chart
  • 35 page PDF image catalog

Instead of learning complex production and design steps, Rhinestone Designer 2017 can efficiently create and output multi-decoration graphics through automation.

The Rhinestone Designer 2017 Concept

Without formal graphics training, most new CorelDRAW users typically struggle to create rhinestone multi-decoration designs. Instead of having to learn complex production techniques, Rhinestone Designer 2017 does most of the work. If you are new to CorelDRAW, you can immediately be successful with Rhinestone Designer 2017. If you are an advanced user of CorelDRAW, you can dramatically reduce both your production and design time for rhinestone multi-decoration. Rhinestone Designer 2017 makes it possible for anyone, regardless of skill level, to produce high quality rhinestone multi-decoration graphics quickly and easily.

Rhinestone Designer 2017 Brochure

Enhance CorelDRAW in Six Ways

  1. Rhinestone Designer 2017 adds over 75 additional design and production features to CorelDRAW. Rhinestone Designer 2017 turns CorelDRAW into an industry-specific art system for rhinestone multi-decoration.
  2. Rhinestone Designer 2017 automates and simplifies complex production and design steps for rhinestone multi-decoration and vinyl cutting. Instead of learning complex production and design steps, Rhinestone Designer 2017 can efficiently create and output multi-decoration graphics through automation.
  3. Rhinestone Designer 2017 integrates with production-ready art collections from Digital Art Solutions. With over 75 titles in the collections; clip art, rhinestone patterns, rhinestone fonts and design templates from any collection can be edited with Rhinestone Designer 2017.
  4. Rhinestone Designer 2017 integrates with templates and clipart from the Smart Designer Pro addon software. Smart Designer Pro adds an interactive name dropping feature to CorelDRAW. This Smart Templates function will allow the user to make quick and easy changes to a template including changing text, swapping graphics and sizing to a specific product.
  5. Rhinestone Designer 2017 integrates CorelDRAW with optional add-on production modules including the StoneCut Pro and StoneCut rhinestone multi-decoration programs.
  6. Rhinestone Designer 2017 integrates training resources directly into the CorelDRAW workspace. Multimedia tutorials, PDF tip sheets and manuals can be viewed directly inside the application. Rhinestone Designer 2017's web-enabled features offer access to additional online tutorials.


Rhinestone Designer 2017 has the most comprehensive set of tools for the design and production of multi-decoration graphics in the industry. This software is the state of the art in rhinestone multi-decoration.


Rhinestone Designer 2017 is compatible with popular cutting programs including StoneCut and StoneCut Pro, The software can export color separations to any cutting program in popular graphics formats.


Over 50 volumes of interactive design templates, rhinestone patterns, clipart images and rhinestone fonts are available from Digital Art Solutions. Created completely customize production-ready multidecoration graphics in minutes, not hours.


Rhinestone Designer 2017 can be used to create multi-decoration graphics that combine rhinestone transfers, vinyl cut transfers, screen printing, direct to garment printing, sublimation, and appliqué.


Rhinestone Designer 2017 reduces and eliminates complex steps required for producing rhinestone multi-decoration graphics, Rhinestone Designer can reduce your art production time by up to 90%.


Rhinestone patterns can be instantly rendered as simulated rhinestones. A sparkle effect can be added to add realism to any pattern. Virtual samples can be created in a matter of seconds.


Your success is assured with hours of interactive training videos, a step-by-step training guide, free weekly webcasts and access to our exclusive Multi-decoration System owners website.


The Digital Art Solutions dedicated technical support staff is there to help you stay out of trouble. Our in-house staff of experts uses state of the art technology to diagnose and fix support issues.

Tutorials and PDF Files

Complete Feature List

Tutorials and PDF Files: Accesses interactive video tutorials and play them directly inside Rhinestone Designer 2017 with Windows Media Player. Access PDF training documents and DAS PDF image catalogs

Online Tutorials: Accesses videos from the Digital Art Solutions Youtube channel.

Outline Stones

Outline Stones: Converts vector artwork into editable outlined rhinestone patterns

Stone Fills

Hatch: Creates hatch filled rhinestone patterns with variable angles and vertical offset of rows.

Contour: Creates contoured rhinestone patterns with variable contour steps and contour positioning.

Random: Creates random rhinestone patterns.

Parallel: Creates rhinestone patterns with parallel lines.

Rhinestone Fonts

Rhinestone Fonts: Creates rhinestone text with Digital Art Solutions keyboard typeable rhinestone fonts.

Duplicate and Toggle Case: Creates multi-layer rhinestone text with zebra fonts, multi-layer fonts and outline/fill fonts.

Fix Shape: Removes distortions from rhinestone fonts and creates perfect circles.

To Text: Converts rhinestone text back into editable rhinestone fonts after conversion to individual rhinestones.

Select and Mark

Select All Rhinestones: Selects all rhinestones in a document.

Select All Sparkles: Selects all sparkle effects in a document.

Match Color: Selects all objects with matching fill color.

Match Size: Selects all objects with matching size.

Match Color and Size: Selects all objects with matching fill color and size.

Select Path: Selects all paths used to create rhinestone outline and fill patterns.

Mark and Replace

Mark as Rhinestones: Marks all selected objects as rhinestones for editing purposes.

Set to Marked Stones: Returns rhinestones to original size after resizing a pattern.

Replace with Selected Size: Replaces selected rhinestones with a new size.

Replace with One Stone: Replaces selected rhinestones with a single stone.

Paths and Overlaps

Delete Paths: Removes all paths created when rhinestones are applied to a vector object. Prepares an image for cutting.

Delete Overlaps: Processes a complex algorithm that removes overlapping rhinestones.

Overlap Recursion: Enables multiple passes for removing overlapping rhinestones when there are more than two stones overlapping each other.


Replace with Clipboard Data: Replaces selected objects with any object that is copied to the clipboard for instance, a star or clipart image.

Convert to Rhinestone Palette: Converts rhinestone objects or circles to the closest rhinestone color.

Add Stone Simulation: Adds a simulated rhinestone effect to all rhinestone objects in a document.

Remove Simulation: Removes a simulated rhinestone effect from all rhinestone objects in a document.

Add Weed Border: Adds a border around a selected group of objects to facilitate weeding vinyl.

Add Sparkles: Adds a sparkle effect to selected rhinestone objects.

Show Stone Report: Displays a report of all rhinestones or vinyl objects in a document. Report can be created as a text file and copied into the CorelDRAW document.

Stone Curve Shaping

Increase Stones: Increases the number of rhinestones on a selected path.

Decrease Stones: Decreases the number of rhinestones on a selected path.

Move First Point Left: Moves the first point in a path left to create space between line segments which contain rhinestones.

Move Last Point Left: Moves the last point in a path left to create space between line segments which contain rhinestones.

Move First Point Right: Moves the first point in a path right to create space between line segments which contain rhinestones.

Move Last Point Right: Moves the last point in a path right to create space between line segments which contain rhinestones.

Vertical: Changes the orientation of selected line segments to the vertical orientation.

Create Contour: Creates contour lines or boundaries around a selected object with variable offset, variable location and corner rounding.

Punch Through: Punches two objects through each other with overlap or offset lines (trapping).

Corners: Reshapes corners in selected object including corner rounding, insets and bevels.

Fill Effect: Creates a unique effect where one object is stamped into another object. Rhinestones can be added to the gap between objects automatically.

Vinyl Fills

Pattern: Adds a glitter vinyl effect to a selected object and marks the object as a cuttable layer for color separations.

Overlay: Creates a weathered effect using a vector overlay file. The overlay is trimmed through the selected object to create a cuttable weathered effect.

Vinyl Palette

Pattern: Adds a heat press vinyl color to a selected object and marks the object as a cuttable layer for color separations.


Prepare for Cut: Removes non-cuttable paths from a design.

Create Separations: Creates color separations for both vinyl graphics and rhinestone patterns in a separate document.

Add Separation Descriptions: Adds rhinestone counts and object descriptions to color separations on a locked and non-printable layer.

Outlines Only: Converts rhinestone patterns to outlined objects without fills for laser cutting.

Mirror Vinyl Seps: Mirrors vinyl color separations for heat transfer production.

Mirror Rhinestone Seps: Mirrors rhinestone color separations for simulated rhinestone heat transfer production.

Add Overcut: Optimizes weeding of rhinestone patterns by creating an overlapping outline on each rhinestone object.

Add Double Cut: Optimizes weeding of rhinestone patterns by creating a double cut outline on each rhinestone object.

Sort Stones: Optimizes tracking and registration of rhinestone patterns by sorting the cutting order of the objects in the pattern. Objects can be cut from bottom to top or from left to right.

Optimize Material: Reduces material waste by rotating color separations to fit a specific width of material.

Margins: Adjust margins for rhinestone patterns and vinyl transfer color separations. Margins can be adjusted for Digital Art Solutions Smart Frames for precise alignment of multi-color rhinestone patterns.


Output to StoneCut or CoCut: Automatically transfer color separations or rhinestone patterns to StoneCut, StoneCut Pro, CoCut,CoCut Pro or GCC GreatCut for cutting.

Output to File: Output color separations or rhinestone patterns in a variety of popular file formats including SVG, CDR, PLT, AI, EPS, CMX,JPG and PNG

Custom Macro: Output color separations or rhinestone patterns by choosing a custom macro for a specific cutting program such asRoland Cut Studio.


Place Stones Tool: Added to the CorelDRAW Toolbar, this tool will place individual rhinestones or sparkle effects. It will also create stones between two individual stones or draw a line of stones.

Parallel Curve Tool: Added to the CorelDRAW Toolbar, this drawing tool will draw parallel lines that are outlined in stones.

Mirror Tool: Added to the CorelDRAW Toolbar, this tool will copy and mirror a selected object at any designated angle.

Draw Selection Tool: Added to the CorelDRAW Toolbar, this tool will select objects by drawing a line on top of them.

CorelDRAW Integration

Unlike other rhinestone programs, Rhinestone Designer 2017 does not use macros or Virtual Basic. This older technology greatly limits the user interface and feature set. Rhinestone Designer 2017 directly integrates with the core features of CorelDRAW. This allows us to implement new features into the CorelDRAW toolbar and dockers. This technology gives allows complete freedom to customize the user-interface and implement new features in CorelDRAW. No other company has mastered this integration to the level of Digital Art Solutions.

Smart Designer Integration

Smart Designer Pro is the marquee design software for Digital Art Solutions. Rhinestone Designer 2017 can be used by itself or directly integrated with Smart Designer Pro. When the two programs operate together, they are tightly linked. Rhinestone Designer 2017 adds new functions to Smart Designer Pro including the ability to automatically generate sales proposals with rhinestone simulations and stone counts. Smart Designer Pro features can be accessed directly from within Rhinestone Designer 2017.

Overlap Correction

One of the biggest challenges of rhinestone pattern design, is coping with small objects and cramped spaces in the source artwork. Overlapping stones are produced that will require editing. Rhinestone Designer 2017 uses artificial intelligence to correct overlapping stones. The overlap correction algorithm analyzes each stone in relationship to each other. The software decides if stones should deleted, moved or replaced. The net result is a massive saving in editing time. This is the most advanced overlap removal technology of any software.

Cutter Integration

Rhinestone Designer 2017 can be integrated with any external cutting software. Owners of StoneCut Pro, StoneCut, CoCUT, CoCUT Pro and GCC Great Cut can cut directly from CorelDRAW with Rhinestone Designer 2017. The software can also be configured to output to external programs that support auto-export macros such as Roland Cut Studio or SignLab. Graphics can easily be transferred to external cutting programs in popular formats including SVG and EPS use the Auto-Export function.

Optimized Weeding

Digital Art Solutions invented the process of creating a rhinestone heat transfer with a vinyl cutter. One of the biggest challenges to this process is the cutting and weeding of rhinestone stencil material. Weeding is the process of removing excess material after cutting. Because stencil material is thick, cutters cannot always complete the cutting of circles. The result is an attachment point in the material which results in manual weeding of the circles created in a rhinestone stencil. Rhinestone Designer 2017 uses an exclusive overcut technology to replace circles with specialized objects that will greatly improve weeding in rhinestone stencil material. The portion of the circle where the blade drops and then lefts to cut a circle is automatically trimmed resulting in a complete cut of the circle.

Interactive Rhinestone Fonts

Digital Art Solutions invented keyboard typeable rhinestone fonts in 2008. Since then we have developed over 160 rhinestone typefaces. The Rhinestone Designer 2017 Fonts feature can automatically apply a rhinestone font to any text, apply a specific rhinestone size, and auto-correct any distortions to the circles in the text. Multi-layer fonts such as Zebra fonts can be created with a single click. This is the most advanced rhinestone font technology available.

Dynamic Sizing

When a rhinestone pattern is created with Rhinestone Designer 2017, every object is marked with specific properties including the size, type and color of the rhinestone. This enables Rhinestone Designer 2017 to dynamically resize and recolor rhinestone patterns. Digital Art Solutions Stone Stencils and Pattern Packs have been updated to take advantage of this new technology. In addition, this dynamic sizing can be applied to any pattern created in another program or obtained from another supplier.

Dynamic Spacing

When a rhinestone pattern is applied to vector source artwork, Rhinestone Designer 2017 will automatically create an overlay of invisible line segments. The stones are blended onto the line segments. This enables individual segments to be edited and respaced by adding and deleting stones. In addition, individual stones can be shifted on each line segment. These line segments will be ignored during the color separation process so they will not be cut. This technology gives the user the most flexible editing of any current rhinestone program.

Enhanced Drawing Tools

With CorelDRAW X7, we are now able to create our own drawings tools and add them to the CorelDRAW toobar. As a result, we have created four new drawing tools in Rhinestone Designer 2017.

  1. Stone Placement tool for inserting individual stones or drawing a line stones.
  2. Parallel Line tool for drawing lines with multiple lines of stones.
  3. Mirror Tool for automatically copying and mirroring a graphical element.
  4. Draw Select tool that enables the user to select objects by drawing a lineover the top of them.

Color Separations

Rhinestone Designer 2017 tracks every object created in CorelDRAW. This enables the software to assign objects such as rhinestones, glitter vinyl or heat press vinyl to a cut layer. The software can automatically create color separations assigned each color layer to a separate separation. Material can be optimized, stone counts and material data is generated, weed borders are added, heat transfer portions are mirrored and overcut is automatically applied. This results in one-click color separations for vinyl cutting of both multi-color rhinestone stencils and heat press vinyl in the same graphic. The Color Separations feature is optimized for use with our Smart Frame transfer application system for precision alignment of multicolor rhinestone transfers.

Artwork Integration

The sample artwork include with Rhinestone Designer 2017 has been tagged with keywords. This allows the user to search for artwork by keyword using the Corel Connect content management feature. In addition Stone Stencil Volumes 1-4 and Pattern Pack 1-5 and Multi-Decoration Collections 1-4 have been updated with tagged CDR files. Smart Designer Pro users can now search for artwork from these volumes by keywords, for example “Rhinestone Baseball” using the Smart Designer Pro Clipart Browser.

Virtual Sample Technology

Rhinestone Designer 2017 has an advanced technology for creating virtual samples. Rhinestone simulations can be toggled on our off on rhinestone patterns. In addition, a sparkle effect can be automatically applied to any pattern. Owners of Smart Designer Pro can automatically generate sales flyers with patterns displayed on a variety of products complete with a rhinestone simulation and stone counts. The included Rhinestone Designer 2017 Sample Pack includes 48 templates of popular apparel items plus vehicle templates for rendering rhinestone decals.


"Adding the new Rhinestone Designer 2017 allows me to flex my CorelDraw muscles even more and makes the design process so much more efficient. Rhinestone Designer 2017 allows me to truly become a multi-decorator in one application. From creating vinyl graphics, rhinestone patterns and even the popular punch out/knock out designs, Rhinestone Designer 2017 makes those processes easy and makes your designs spectacular…It has allowed me to provide quality products to sport booster clubs in my area."

Rosemary Castillo-Sartin -Owner/Apparel Decorator
Upper 90 Logos & Embroidery
San Antonio TX

Personal Review

"CorelDRAW® X7 is a dream for third party software developers. With this version, Corel Corporation has handed us the keys to the car, and we are driving it like we stole it. The possibilities are endless with CorelDRAW X7 in terms of adding features and automation. We are now able to create our own rhinestone design tools and transform CorelDRAW into an industry specific platform for multi-decoration. We've raised the bar again"

Craig Mertens
President, Digital Art Solution

Upgrading software is an important investment in your business

Software companies like Corel or Microsoft spend millions of dollars improving their software and releasing new versions. Software companies are always striving to produce innovative new features that help their customers to be more productive. When you buy a software program, you always have the option of staying within your comfort level and not upgrading. The loss of productivity and inefficiencies associated with using older technology is typically much more expensive than upgrading to a new version. A wise business owner will buy an upgraded version because they want to improve their workflow, reduce the time spent in the software, and increase productivity.

What's New in Rhinestone Designer 2017

System Requirements

CorelDRAW Version CorelDRAW version X7, X8 and 2017 (sold separately)
Is not compatible with the Home, Student, or Academic version of CorelDRAW X7, X8 or 2017
Operating System* Microsoft Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit)
Windows 8.1 (32 or 64-bit)
Windows 10 (32 or 64-bit)
Processor 2.0 GHz Pentium or AMD processor
Memory 4GB RAM min, 8GB recommended
Free Hard Drive Space 670 MB for Smart Designer Pro software including video tutorials, templates, fonts and clipart
Graphics Card / Monitor Must be capable of displaying 1024 x768 resolution.
Other Hardware DVD Drive

*Macintosh System: Smart Designer will run on a Mac with a Windows emulator or dual boot configuration

Simplify Art Production

"Without formal graphics training, most new CorelDRAW users typically struggle to create rhinestone multi-decoration designs. Instead of having to learn complex production techniques, Rhinestone Designer 2017 does most of the work. "

Craig Mertens
President, Digital Art Solutions