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  • "If you don't own Stone Cut Pro yet, GET IT. It is a must for all rhinestone businesses. If you have Smart Cut already you need to upgrade. Time is money in this business and DAS has the best Rhinestone Software on the Market. Keep up the great work guys. Love the new program."
  • "Well you did it – you totally blew me away! I’ve only played in the program but before dinner tonight I thought I would just grab a pic and see how good this picture thing (convert bitmap to rhinestone pattern) really is. YOU TOTALLY BLEW ME AWAY! The picture I used came out unbelievable. WOW! Yep, you need your seat belt on for this one."
  • "All in all, I cannot say enough about the new program. Like most things in life you get what you pay for. StoneCut Pro is leaps and bounds above other programs and I do not think it is equaled by any other system. Take it from one of first users of the DAS system... you just gotta get this one!"

    Charles Russell, ByDesign Advertising

StoneCut Pro

Multi-decoration Software

StoneCut Pro is the primary software component Multi-decoration System. StoneCut Pro can be operated as a stand-alone multi-decoration software or integrated seamlessly with Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW. StoneCut Pro represents a quantum leap in technology for multi-decoration design and production.

StoneCut vs. StoneCut Pro

StoneCut Pro represents a quantum leap in technology for multi-decoration design and production.

StoneCut Side By Side Comparison

Powerful Stand Alone Multi-decoration Software

Digital Art Solutions of Tempe, Arizona has introduced the company's next generation rhinestone apparel decoration software, StoneCut Pro. This multi-decoration software is based on the industry leading SmartCut Pro software architecture. The software is a powerful multi-decoration platform for producing rhinestone heat transfers, vinyl cut heat transfers, vinyl signage, vinyl decals and appliqué. The software can operate as a stand-alone program or can be integrated seamlessly with CorelDRAW© or Adobe© Illustrator©. StoneCut Pro is the primary software component in the Stone Stencil Rhinestone System and Rhinestone Decal System

Rhinestone Patterns

StoneCut Pro introduces numerous technological innovations to the marketplace including automatic conversion of photographs to production-ready rhinestone patterns plus automatic adjustment of rhinestones in closely spaced areas. StoneCut Pro is capable of outputting directly to over 600 models of vinyl cutters as well as popular rotary engravers and laser engravers. StoneCut Pro is available bundled with industry first stock rhinestone pattern and rhinestone font collections.

Craig Mertens' Vision

"When we invented the process of creating rhinestone heat transfers with a vinyl cutter, we knew that software was going to be a critical component of our system. Our SmartCut Pro software has set the industry for rhinestone apparel decoration software. StoneCut Pro is the next generation of this multi-decoration software. Over the last three years, we have refined our process of creating rhinestone transfers based on the real world experience of hundreds of Stone Stencil System Owners. The result of this R and D is the most technologically advanced multi-decoration software currently on the market."
Craig Mertens,
President, Digital Art Solutions

Design Rhinestone Patterns

Quickly and efficiently design rhinestone patterns with the industry’s most powerful and automated feature set for rhinestone design and production.

Rhinestone Editing

Gain complete editing flexibility with dynamic spacing of designs, and automated replacement of sizes, color, shapes, and types of hot fix elements. Dramatically reduce rhinestone pattern editing time by detecting and correcting closely spaced or overlapping stones.

Produce Multi-decoration Apparel

Produce dynamic multi-decoration apparel with the most highly evolved set of tools for combining rhinestone transfers, cut heat transfers, direct to garment prints, appliqué, embroidery and sublimation.

Simulated Sequins

Produce simulated sequin heat transfers with the new Simulated Sequin feature. Sequin patterns are output to the film using a vinyl cutter and holes are engraved in the center of each circle.

Illustrator & CorelDRAW Compatible

Integrate StoneCut Pro seamlessly with Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW. Any graphic designed in Illustrator or CorelDRAW can be automatically transferred to StoneCut Pro and adapted into a rhinestone pattern or multi-decoration graphic.

Automate Print and Cut Workflow

Automate print and cut workflow with included print and cut plug-in for Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW. Use plug-in to create contour lines, registration marks, and multiple copies in Illustrator and CorelDRAW, then transfer cut lines to StoneCut Pro for output to a cutter.

Rhinestone Decals

Produce rhinestone decals with Rhinestone Decal System.

Convert Photos to Rhinestones

Explore new markets by converting photos to complex rhinestone patterns using the new bitmap to rhinestone conversion feature.

Multicolor Rhinestone Patterns

Produce extremely complex multicolor rhinestone transfers with the optional Transfer Application System.

Traditional Vinyl Design and Cut

Produce and output vinyl graphics including signs, banners, vehicle graphics and decals.

Name Drop Layouts

Create name drop layouts using exclusive DAS Rhinestone Fonts by importing lists. One layout can be dynamically generated with hundreds of names.

Track Job Investment

Gain complete control of job cost, including rhinestone usage, vinyl material consumption, and design time.


Below is partial list of StoneCut Pros feature set. Download the Complete Feature Set here.

Collision Recognition and Replacement

Overlapping or closely spaced rhinestones can be automatically replaced with a suggested placement of new rhinestones or manually repositioned.

Dynamic Sizing of Patterns

Dynamic sizing enables automatic adjustment of rhinestone spacing when a pattern is resized. Stone sizes can be fixed so that rhinestone diameters remain the same size when a pattern is resized.

Output directly most popular vinyl cutters

Powerful print and cut capability including contouring feature for creating cut lines on both vector and bitmap objects.

24 Import Filters

Seamless transfer of vector images or bitmaps between CorelDRAW, Illustrator and StoneCut using Drag and Drop , Copy and Paster or automatic transfer function.

Powerful Vector Editing Tools

Powerful node editing functions allow for complete control over vector images. Create vector outlines around bitmap and vector images for the output of print and cut graphics using the Contour function.

Integrated Clipart Manager

Includes preset clipart groups for sample rhinestone patterns, vector clipart, logos, popular shapes and apparel templates for creating virtual samples.

Multi-decoration Features

Easily combine rhinestone patterns with other production processes including cuttable heat transfers, direct to garment printing, screen printing, sublimation and appliqué.

Bitmap to Rhinestone Conversion Functions

Bitmap images or scans can be easily converted into vector outlines and then into rhinestone patterns

Rhinestone Job Costing Reports

Automatically calculate the number of rhinestone in a job and determine the cost of a specific job. Print a cost data report or publish report to a PDF file.

Text Editing with Rhinestone Font Support

Full compatibility with over 50 exclusive DAS Rhinestone Fonts. Integrated Font Manager. Edit: kerning, line spacing, word spacing, and skewing.

Bitmap Editing and Color Vectorization

Powerful color vectorization function for converting colored bitmaps to vector outlines.


  • Innovation

    Digital Art Solutions invented the process of creating rhinestone heat transfers with a vinyl cutter. We were the first company to introduce this process to the market. Our technique has become the world-wide standard for producing rhinestone templates with a cutter. Since the introduction of our Rhinestone System, we recognized that a key to our system was user-friendly, yet powerful software. Producing rhinestone designs can be a time- consuming and tedious process. We have focused our development of StoneCut Pro on automating and simplifying the process of designing, preparing and outputting multi-decoration graphics. Digital Art Solutions is not an imitator, we are the innovator. Owners of StoneCut Pro enjoy the most technologically advanced multi-decoration software on the planet.

  • Professional Tools and Features

    StoneCut Pro is a professional software tool for commercial design and production. It is not price-point software for the craft or scrapbooking marketplace. It is not underpowered software licensed by an equipment manufacturer for the purpose of selling equipment. It is not a sign making software with a feature for creating a circle pattern around vector objects. It is a multi-decoration software platform built for the express purpose of the commercial production of rhinestone apparel, rhinestone decals, vinyl graphics and multi-decoration apparel. This is not bare bones software designed around an attractive price point. StoneCut Pro is a professional software tool that is an integral part of the Digital Art Solutions Rhinestone System. Digital Art Solutions has given our Rhinestone System owners a rhinestone apparel business, not just a rhinestone apparel capability.

  • Access to Expertise and Experience

    We have worked tirelessly to improve and perfect the process of creating rhinestone and multi-decoration apparel. Every member of our staff from our support team to our accounting team is involved in this process. There is not a person in our organization that cannot design and produce a rhinestone decorated T-shirt. From top to bottom, our team knows what they are doing. We now have over 2,000 owners of our Rhinestone System. Our greatest source of research and development comes from our owners. Our owners know what works in a real world production environment. We have taken this feedback and enhanced the feature set and performance of StoneCut Pro. No other company in the industry is more committed to multi-decoration software than Digital Art Solutions.

  • Integration with CorelDRAW and Illustrator

    StoneCut Pro can be operated as a stand-alone graphics application or integrated with CorelDRAW or Adobe Illustrator. The software contains the essential core of design and production tools for creating graphics from the ground up. When StoneCut Pro is installed on a system with CorelDRAW or Illustrator, a special toolbar is added to either program. This toolbar will enable the user to automatically transfer graphics to StoneCut Pro. The toolbar also contains special features for a print and cut workflow in CorelDRAW or Illustrator. The user can set up and output the printed graphic in CorelDRAW or Illustrator to a printer and contour cut the graphic using StoneCut Pro and a vinyl cutter.

  • Flexible Output

    StoneCut Pro can output directly to over 600 different vinyl cutters from most manufacturers. The software can also output directly to most laser engravers. Popular rotary engravers and routers are also supported. StoneCut Pro is also fully capable of printing color separations for screen printing with advanced trapping options. The software also supports print and cut workflow with most popular cutters and printers. The software is ideal for anyone that owns a Roland VersaCAMM. The software can also be utilized for integrating heat transfers and rhinestones with direct to garment printing and appliqué.

  • Powerful Multi-decoration Capability

    Multi-decoration is the process of combining multiple production processes in a single decorated item. Multi-decoration is a central focus of the StoneCut Pro software. Our owners are able to easily combine: direct to garment prints with cuttable heat transfer foils, screen printed graphics with rhinestone transfers, rhinestone decals with traditional vinyl graphics, appliqué with rhinestone heat transfers, and embroidery with cuttable heat transfer films. Combined with our Smart Designer add-on software for CorelDRAW, there is not a more powerful multi-decoration software platform on the market.

  • Automated Rhinestone Design and Production Tools

    We understand the process of designing and producing rhinestone patterns. The feature set in StoneCut Pro has been designed based on real-world practical experience. We are not guessing about the most efficient way to create a rhinestone pattern. Our staff has created hundreds of rhinestone patterns using the previous generation of software, SmartCut Pro 2.0. The experience gained by this process has allowed us to create a set of tools that fully automates the design process for creating rhinestone patterns. Using our set of powerful tools, complex patterns can be easily created with both outlined and filled patterns. StoneCut Pro has the best feature set in the industry for efficiently designing rhinestone patterns.

  • Efficient Workflow

    The key to a successful rhinestone business is workflow. The most expensive period for anyone engaged in the sale of rhinestone apparel is the time from when the order is taken until the item is produced. We have focused our development on workflow. Our owners have a tremendous competitive advantage because they have the most efficient and automated design and production features in the industry. By streamlining workflow, our owners are able to design and produce rhinestone and multi-decoration apparel in a fraction of the time it takes their competitors with other software. We understand workflow, and we have incorporated our expertise and experience into StoneCut Pro.

  • Complete Editing Control

    StoneCut Pro takes a unique approach to editing and manipulating rhinestone patterns. We assume that every user will want to change sizes, colors, styles and shapes of hot fix elements. Our users can easily change every aspect of a rhinestone pattern. In addition, our owners are not limited to round hot fix elements. Any shape can be incorporated into a pattern. When a design is resized, the hot fix elements do not change size and spacing is adjusted dynamically. Unlike other programs, the user is not required to edit and maintain a rhinestone library to change styles, colors or sizes. Users can select a color or size and make changes simply by selecting a new color, shape or size.

  • Design and Production Efficiency

    StoneCut Pro has an essential set of design tools for the creation and editing of vector graphics. There is no requirement to use an external graphics program such as CorelDRAW or Illustrator. Complex design processes are fully automated. In addition, StoneCut Pro has set the standard for bitmap to vector conversion. Logos can easily be accurately converted to rhinestone patterns using this powerful vectorization tool. Once a graphic is created, it must be prepared for the production process. StoneCut Pro has powerful tools for preparing vinyl graphics, heat transfers, screen printed graphics, appliqué and rhinestone stencils for production. Complex production tasks are reduced from minutes to seconds using industry specific features for art preparation.

  • Automated Production of Rhinestone Text Patterns

    A huge part of rhinestone apparel production is working with text. Owners of StoneCut Pro have access to over 50 exclusive Rhinestone Fonts. This means that a user can type in text and the font is already composed of a rhinestone pattern. The stones in each letter are precisely aligned and adjusted to create perfect rhinestone text. Different sized fonts are provided with different stone densities to give the user complete control of the size of the text. Our competitors claim to have rhinestone fonts; in fact they have “rhinestone ready” single line engraving fonts that can be converted into rhinestone patterns. This means every character must be manually adjusted. There is a big difference between typing in a DAS Rhinestone Font and converting a single line font into a rhinestone pattern that must be manually adjusted. StoneCut Pro also includes powerful tools for converting any Windows font into a rhinestone pattern. The Serialization function in StoneCut Pro enables our users to take lists of names and automatically create a single transfer sheet with all of the names using our exclusive rhinestone fonts. No other software on the market has this capability. StoneCut Pro owners have the best rhinestone text tools on the market.

  • Reduced in Weeding Time

    One of the biggest challenges in the production of stencils with a vinyl cutter is weeding. Weeding is the process of removing the stencil from the liner sheet. If the circles do not stick to the liner sheet, the user must remove them manually. This is normally the result of incomplete cutting of circles by the cutter. There are some adjustments that can be made on the cutter to improve weeding, but some cutters will not produce good results. Weeding dramatically increases labor and can be a very frustrating part of rhinestone transfer production. StoneCut Pro has enhanced output features that will ensure that circles are always completed, even on cutters without a knife offset of overcut. In addition, the double cut mode will cut around each circle twice with a reduced pressure to ensure that circles are not distorted into ovals due to excessive drag on the cutter blade. StoneCut Pro owners will greatly reduce labor due to less weeding and stencils with consistently round holes.

  • Reduced Editing with Collision Detection and Correction

    One of the most frustrating aspects of designing rhinestone patterns is overlapping or closely spaced stones. This is normally due to complex graphics with small elements or closely spaced lines. Some software programs require manual correction of overlapping or closely spaced stones. Other software programs resolve this issue by deleting overlapping circles. This is a terrible method for correcting overlaps, as in many cases it is a simple matter of adjusting the position of two closely spaced or overlapping stones. Why delete a stone, if you are going to have to insert a new one and then manually adjust it? StoneCut Pro takes a unique approach to this problem. The software marks overlapping or closely spaced stones. The software then creates a new stone that is a suggested replacement. All stones, including the overlapping stones, replacement stones, and stones comprising the pattern, are displayed in the Object Docker. The user can simply delete the overlaps and accept the replacements, manually reposition stones, or use a combination of replacing and re-spacing. This strategy greatly reduces editing time on complex graphics that create either fill or outline patterns. The user has the best of both worlds: manual editing and automatic adjustment.

  • Exclusive Capability to Convert Photos to Rhinestone Patterns

    One of the unique capabilities of StoneCut Pro is the ability to take photographs or bitmaps and convert them to a rhinestone pattern. The user has the ability to take a black and white, grayscale or colored photo and convert it to a complex rhinestone pattern with multiple sizes and colors. There is complete control over the number of stones, number of colors and size of the stones in the pattern. The user can create a specific stone library that will limit the sizes and colors in the pattern. Colors and sizes can be easily adjusted after the conversion process. Owners of StoneCut Pro are also eligible to purchase the Digital Art Solutions Transfer Application System. The production of photographic patterns with extremely closely spaced stones is nearly impossible without the Transfer Application System. This system will enable the user to create multiple stencils for each color in the design and using a set of Smart Frames, perfectly align each color in the transfer. This process is similar to screen printing and makes it possible to produce designs that would normally require a rhinestone setting machine.

  • Flexible Job Costing

    StoneCut Pro provides a comprehensive solution for producing costing reports. Each hot fix element is tracked and can be used to create a cost report. Instead of maintaining a huge library of sizes and colors, costs are divided into pricing groups, manufactures, sizes and colors. In other words, you don’t have to edit 50 colors if you change a price. You simply select a pricing group such as Clear, Pink, AB or Colors. Instead of changing 50 items, you can change four to update a price or manufacturer. You can also create new lists of suppliers as well as create both retail and wholesale price lists. Costing information can be converted to a PDF file or exported directly to Microsoft Excel.

  • Exclusive Content

    Multi-decoration design and production requires much more than great software. Digital Art Solutions has been producing content including clipart, templates and fonts for nearly 20 years. We are the recognized industry leader in production-ready digital art. A central focus of StoneCut Pro is content. The software includes dozens of sample rhinestone patterns, apparel templates for the production of virtual samples, plus vector clipart optimized for rhinestone production. In addition, each StoneCut Pro owner has access to an extensive library of stock patterns from our Pattern Pack collections including Sports, Dance, Cheer, Christian and Decal collections. StoneCut Pro is fully compatible with the extensive library of clipart and template volumes available from Digital Art Solutions. StoneCut Pro owners can quickly produce custom graphics quickly and efficiently with the best graphics tools in the industry.

  • Access to the Rhinestone Decal System

    Rhinestone Decals are a big deal. Digital Art Solutions is the inventor of the Rhinestone Decal System. Owners of StoneCut Pro are eligible to purchase the Rhinestone Stone Decal System. StoneCut Pro has specialized design and production features for the creation and output of rhinestone decals. By adding the Rhinestone System, owners of StoneCut Pro can have a unique and exclusive product line. Pending the approval of our patent application, owners of the Rhinestone Decal System will be able to produce and market rhinestone decals on an exclusive basis.

  • The Industry’s Leading Training Resources

    No other company in the industry is more committed to training. StoneCut Pro owners have access to our 190 page Training and Marketing Guide. The first edition was 70 pages, the second addition was 106 pages, and the current edition is 190 pages. All of our knowledge and experience has been poured into this impressive resource. We also include over 5 hours of training videos with the software. StoneCut Pro owners have access to exclusive training webcasts. Owners of StoneCut Pro can register for our exclusive Owners web site with archived tutorials, software updates, training videos and sample files. Digital Art Solutions also hosts Bling Camp and DAS University to provide our owners with an enhanced hands-on learning experience.

  • Marketing Assistance

    Great software is critical to the success of our owners, but more importantly is knowledge and knowhow of the sales and marketing process. StoneCut Pro includes exclusive tools for the creation of virtual samples that can be used to generate new sales. Our Training and Marketing Guide included with the software includes extensive information on selling and marketing rhinestone apparel. We also include step-by-step instructions for producing and selling fund raising programs. All of this information is reinforced by webcasts that are exclusive to owners of StoneCut Pro. Digital Art Solutions has also partnered with industry leading suppliers like Royal Apparel to offer our clients special discount programs. StoneCut Pro is much more than just software; it is also a set of tools to help our clients grow their business.

  • Unsurpassed Support

    There is not company in the industry that is more experienced and knowledgeable about rhinestone apparel design and production. Every member of our sales team is trained to assist owners resolve common support issues. In addition, our dedicated staff of support technicians has been providing a personalized experience supporting our Rhinestone System since 2008. You are not calling “Peggy” in Romania, you are talking to experienced technicians that speak English as their first language and work in our home office in Tempe. Owners of StoneCut Pro have access to unsurpassed support resources, including live phone support, our online knowledgebase, and state of the art remote access software. Our support team is trained and prepared to assist our owners with every aspect of their system, from design to production.


Purchasing StoneCut Pro

  • Can I purchase StoneCut Pro by itself, or I am required to purchase your complete Rhinestone System?

    Yes, you can purchase StoneCut Pro by itself, however StoneCut Pro is the software component of the Digital Art Solutions Rhinestone System and there are many additional benefits to enhancing the software with the full suite of products and services available with the Rhinestone System including exclusive Rhinestone Fonts, rhinestone pattern collections, materials/tools, rhinestones and training resources.

  • Do you offer any special programs or discounts for owners of other rhinestone software programs?

    Yes, we are frequently contacted by people that purchased competing software programs that would like to enhance their rhinestone design and production capability. We have a special competitive upgrade program for owners of qualified rhinestone software programs. Most owners of other programs elect to purchase our Rhinestone System, but it is also possible to purchase just StoneCut Pro.

  • Can I buy your Stone Stencil Material and supplies if I purchase StoneCut Pro?

    Yes, any client that purchases StoneCut Pro will be eligible to purchase Stone Stencil Material and supplies. Stone Stencil Material is a purpose built material that was designed specifically for making rhinestone heat transfer stencils. The material will dramatically reduce labor time associated with creating heat transfers with the stencil technique.

Owners of SmartCut Pro

Equipment Compatibility and Output Devices

  • What cutters are compatible with StoneCut Pro?

    StoneCut Pro will drive nearly every cutter that is available on the market and includes drivers for over 600 machines. StoneCut Pro will eliminate problems with cutting and weeding rhinestone stencil material using a specialized cutting function to ensure that each object in the design is properly cut. The cutting and weeding performance of most cutters will be improved with StoneCut Pro.

  • Can I create a rhinestone stencil with my laser engraver?

    Yes, StoneCut Pro will drive any laser engraver that utilizes a Windows driver. Digital Art Solutions has a specialized organic laser board that can be vector cut to produce a cost effective stencil without cutting plastic or PVC materials. In addition, patterns created in StoneCut Pro can be transferred via drag and drop to CorelDRAW or Illustrator for output.

  • Can I output patterns that I created in StoneCut Pro to my rotary engraver or router?

    Yes, you can directly output to popular rotary engravers including Roland engravers. Any engraving software that is capable of importing vector files can be used to output patterns created in StoneCut Pro.

  • Can I print directly to my wide format printer, sublimation printer or direct to garment printer from StoneCut Pro?

    Yes, but it is it unnecessary. When creating a multi-decoration design that combines a digital print or screen print with rhinestones, you can print color separations or digital prints directly from CorelDRAW or Adobe Illustrator. The image is transferred automatically to StoneCut Pro and the original image is used strictly for creation of the rhinestone elements in the design. The rhinestone template is created using StoneCut Pro, the digital print is created and output using CorelDRAW or Illustrator.

  • Is StoneCut Pro compatible with my CAMS rhinestone setting machine?

    StoneCut Pro cannot drive the CAMS machine directly, however the software can transfer patterns created in StoneCut Pro into CAMS using the GemMaster software and CorelDRAW.

  • Can I create a rhinestone stencil with my Ioline 300 System Appliqué Cutter?

    Yes, StoneCut Pro will directly drive an Ioline 300 cutter without using the Ioline 301 software. By directly driving the cutter, StoneCut Pro can improve the cutting quality of small circles. Digital Art Solutions has a special blade and set of materials specially designed for the Ioline flatbed cutters.

  • Can I print and cut using StoneCut Pro?

    Yes, StoneCut Pro has a very user friendly workflow for print and cut. StoneCut Pro installs a print and cut plug-in into both CorelDRAW or Adobe Illustrator. This plug-in will create cut lines around the printing graphic, gang multiple copies, insert registration marks and export the cut lines to StoneCut Pro for output. The printed portion of the image can be printed directly from CorelDRAW or Adobe Illustrator or exported to a RIP software. The plug-ins support print and cut functions with most popular cutters that have an optical registration system. In addition, the software includes a universal cut marks feature that can be used to contour cut printed graphics with a cutter that does not have an optical registration system.

  • Can I print film positives for screen printing directly from StoneCut Pro?

    Yes, film positives can be printed directly from StoneCut Pro with enhanced color trapping. StoneCut Pro has specialized functions for color trapping that exceed the capabilities of both CorelDRAW and Adobe Illustrator.

Compatibly with other Software

  • Can I import rhinestone patterns from other software programs?

    Yes, StoneCut Pro can import and convert patterns from any program that is capable of exporting a pattern in a vector format. If the pattern is in a bitmap format, the pattern can be vectorized and converted into a rhinestone pattern. Any vector object can be converted into a rhinestone object to take advantage of job costing reports and enhanced cutting features.

  • Can I convert my stock transfers into rhinestone patterns?

    Yes, StoneCut Pro can scan a stock transfer and convert the pattern to a rhinestone pattern that can be output to a cutter or laser engraver.

  • Can I output patterns that I created in Wilcom DecoStudio 2.0 and Embroidery Studio 2.0?

    Yes, patterns created in Wilcom can be imported into StoneCut Pro for enhanced editing capabilities or adding text using DAS Rhinestone Fonts™ . StoneCut Pro can also be used as an output software to send patterns or multi-decoration graphics to a cutter or laser engraver. In addition, vector images created in Wilcom software can be imported into StoneCut Pro and converted to a rhinestone pattern. StoneCut Pro has many enhanced design and output features that are not available in Wilcom software and compliments the multi-decoration capabilities of both DecoStudio and Embroidery Studio. Owners of Wilcom DecoStudio 2.0 and Wilcom Embroidery Studio 2.0 are eligible for an exclusive discount program on a Digital Art Solutions Rhinestone System.

Creating Transfers and Rhinestone Decals

  • Can I produce rhinestone decals with StoneCut Pro?

    Yes, any client that purchases StoneCut Pro will be eligible to purchase the Digital Art Solutions Rhinestone Decal System. StoneCut Pro has specialized design and production functions for producing rhinestone decals.

  • Am I limited to rhinestones hot fix elements in StoneCut Pro?

    No, StoneCut Pro can create a pattern with any hot fix element including rhinestuds, metallic domes, antique metals, pearls and nailheads. In addition, the software is not limited to round elements. Any shape including stars, rectangles, squares or ovals can be used to create a pattern.

  • Can I produce complex patterns with different sizes and colors with StoneCut Pro?

    Yes, StoneCut Pro can cut separate stencils for each color layer or size in the pattern. Using the exclusive Transfer Application System from Digital Art Solutions, a single transfer can be created with perfect alignment between each different sized or colored stone in the design. This technique is the most efficient and effective method for creating complex designs with the stencil technique.

System Requirements

Component Requirement
Operating System Windows 7, 8.1, 10
Processor 1.8 Ghz Pentium or AMD processor
Memory 4 GB
Hard Drive Space 500 MB Available
Screen Resolution 1024 x 768 minimum
Hardware CD-ROM Drive
* StoneCut will not run on a Macintosh.

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials
Watch 30 Video Tutorials
  • Stone Placing Docker

    Rhinestone Placing Docker
  • Rhinestone Training Guide

    Rhinestone Training Guide
  • User Interface

Simplify Production

"Each software title in our product line is designed with one primary purpose: to simplify and automate both the design and production processes. We believe that successful graphic design should not be the exclusive territory of highly trained professional graphic designers."

Craig Mertens
President, Digital Art Solutions