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What is the best way to install my Template Collections into Smart Designer X4.5?
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22nd of August, 2012

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**Please download the attachment which is a PDF tutorial on installing Digital Art Solutions art volumes - Date: 8/22/12**
Please follow the instructions below to install your Template Collections into Smart Designer X4.5:

Place the Template CD in your computer.  Open Smart Designer X4.5 and go to the File Management section in the Command Center.  Once here select the Copy Clip Art  CD option.  When the window loads you will be able to copy the clip art as well as the templates into Smart Designer X4.5.  Make sure you select your CD-Rom drive for the source drive, check the options you want to install and be sure to check the option for install database to work with the clip art. 


To install the fonts on your system please follow below:


 View the files on the CD


Open the fonts folder to view all of the true type font files


Select all of the fonts in this folder by doing a cntrl + a on your keyboard.  Now right click on them and choose install (for Win 7 and Vista users). 


If you are using XP please select all of the files (cntrl + a) and then copy them to your clip board (cntrl + c).  Now open my computer.  Open your C drive.  Open the Windows folder.  Press “f” on your keyboard and it should take you to the fonts folder.  Open this fonts folder and paste the files in this location (cntrl + v).


Please make sure you install/ replace any of the existing files that are already there.

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