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Smart Designer Crashes, Copy Clipart CD Freezes
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19th of September, 2013

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Smart Designer Crashes



Copy Clipart CD Freezes                                                                                                                 Date:9/25/2012

Issue: Copy Clipart CD freezes and stops when trying to import clipart. 

Operating System: Windows 7

Note for Windows 8 users: This article is featured on the Windows 7 operating system.  There is a different issue featured in our knowledge base related to the same set of instructions on the resolution of the problem.  Please see specific instructions, "How to Fix", on the Windows 8 operating system in this article titled "Macros Not Working  --Stone Cut Pro, Cocut":

How to Fix:

1.)    Go to your Windows Start menu

2.)    You can type in “Change UAC Settings” or drill to “Getting Started” to bring up the User Account Control Settings window.  See Figure one for visual assistance. 

3.)    Once you’ve opened the UAC Settings, please click-drag the scroller down to “Never Notify”.   Click on “OK” and restart the computer.  We are reducing the restrictions under the user account.  You can change this setting back to default once the Copy Clipart CD function is no longer in use.    See Figure 2 for visual assistance. 


 Figure 1 Finding UAC Settings




Figure 2 Modifying Restrictions

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