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Xcommand15 error message in Smart Designer X4.5, DAS software
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7th of January, 2015

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We have determined this may be the cause of a Windows update and/or a virus definition update by a known antivirus software named Avast.  Please note that there may be other brands of antivirus software that can cause this issue. 

To resolve the issue, a repair installation of Smart Designer X4.5 would have to be completed.  There are a set of instructions below that will ensure a successful repair of the Smart Designer X4.5 software. 

The instructions below will get your Smart Designer repaired.  Please make sure all applications are closed before performing the steps below.  


1.) Please refer to this article on our knowledge base.  This will guide you through on reducing the User account control setting on your computer.  Reducing the UAC setting will ensure a successful repair installation of SDX4.5.  (Please restart the computer if notified by Windows.)  Article link:


2.) Disable all antivirus software running on the computer.  Please read our online article regarding this related issue.  Article link:


3.) Please run the repair installation for Smart Designer X4.5.  The repair installation will restore any corrupt files within Smart Designer.  The repair function is launched within the Smart Designer X4.5 installation wizard.  The repair is the second option down, when you see "Add/remove features, Repair, Remove" in the installation wizard.  Please use the Smart Designer X4.5 (ver. 15.11.07) installation disc to launch the installation wizard.  This is just like you would do to install the software.  You can also run the installation wizard off of the "online copy" of Smart Designer you download.  Please see the attached PDF install guide for further instructions. 


4.)  If you are running Avast, or any type of antivirus software stated in our online article, please disable or remove the antivirus software to prevent the issue from occurring again.  We recommend purchasing System Mechanic Pro as a trusted antivirus software for your computer system.  Please refer to the article located on our knowledge base for further information.  Article Link:


Please let us know if you need any assistance.  You can call in to 480-894-2953 with your ticket ID number if you have any questions or concerns and need further assistance.  Please leave a voicemail stating your ticket ID number if you do not reach a representative immediately.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  

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