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Install Corel DRAW Windows Shell Extension
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17th of July, 2014

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Problem: Thumbnail images not showing up as graphic image (shows up as green Corel DRAW icon or blank document icon)

Known Issue: Corel DRAW Windows Shell Extension Not Installed

How to Fix: Install Corel DRAW Windows Shell Extension through "CorelDRAW Setup" menu

1.) Insert Corel DRAW X6 disc into the computer.  Run the installation.  For Windows 7 and 8 users, you may need to open the disc in Windows Explorer and then find the Autorun executable file.  Please see Figure 1 screenshot image for example.  For users installing through executable (EXE) file download from Corel Corporation, please see instructions 1A.
1A.) Find executable (EXE) file used to install Corel DRAW X6.  Run EXE file. 

Figure 1 - Autorun EXE file


2.) It will begin the installation wizard on the screen.  Click on Install Corel DRAW Graphics Suite X6.

Figure 3 - Install Corel DRAW Graphics Suite X6


3.) Once it loads, you'll see three options, Modify, Repair and Remove.  Please see Figure 3 for screenshot example.  Choose Modify.

Figure 3 - Modify


4.) There should be a "Features" tab at the top.  Click on Features.    Click on Includes drop down menu within Utilties. 

Figure 4 - Features


5.) Is "Shell Extension" there?  If the checkbox is not selected, the X6 shell extension is not installed.  Please select it and proceed on by clicking on Next.  (The screenshot image does not show this option since Shell Exetension is automatically installed and there is no option to disable it in this version of Corel DRAW X6.)

6.) Click on Installl Now to proceed with the installation. 

Figure 5 - Install Now


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