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Unable to Open Port --cutter communication
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15th of December, 2014

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This article has step by step instructions on how to verify a GCC cutter's port setting within Stone Cut Pro.  Note: This applies to Greatcut, Smart Cut Pro, and Cocut software users, also.

Tip: To avoid communication lost in your cutter, please keep the cutter plugged into the same computer USB port the cutter was installed under.

Recommended troubleshooting steps:
1.) Make sure the hardware is ready.  Cutter needs to be powered on and plugged into the computer.  Material needs to be loaded. Cutter needs to "size" material (choose Roll Edge or Single).  Now the cutter is ready.
2.) Verify that the Port setting in Stone Cut Pro is set properly.  Before you do this, make sure to power off any other USB printers or output devices (i.e. other cutters) that are connected to the cutter.  This can cause interference with the GCC cutter.  To verify port setting, please see below:

Figure 1 Settings --> Output Devices

Please follow steps in Figure 1 to get to the Setup - Output Devices window. Then, select the square button with the 3 dots (ellipsis) and click on "Change" to change your current output device, as shown in Figure 2. You can also Add local device if you want to add a plotter. Delete would delete the existing plotter.

Figure 2 Add/Change/Remove Cutter

Figure 3 USB Port Configuration

Please check to see if you have "USB Printing Support" selected in the drop down menu.  In Stone Cut Pro versions or higher, "GCC Jaguar IV" or "GCC Puma III" would be an option in the drop down menu.  You can also choose that option as it is the same as "USB Printing Support". This is in regards to Windows 7/Vista 64 bit operating systems.

Windows XP/Vista/7 32 bit operating systems should show the device name “GCC Jaguar IV USB”. Please select that option. This menu is next to the USB/Firewire devices radio button, as shown in figure 3. *The screenshot shows that it is grayed out because there is not a cutter connected to that computer conducting the screenshot.

Click on Ok to proceed on through to confirm all settings.

3.) Verify Plot Manager job queue is clear.  
You can do this by opening the Plot Manager. The Plot Manager is located in your Windows System Tray (see Figure 4 screenshot).  Double-click on the cutter icon.  Expand the cutter by clicking the "+" sign (see Figure 5 screenshot).  You'll see "Active Jobs", "Passive Jobs", and "Saved Jobs".  To delete a job, simply right-click on the job and select Delete Job.  You will want to delete all jobs to clear the queues.  

Plot Manager Icon
Figure 4 Plot Manager Icon (located in Windows System Tray)

Plot Manager queues
Figure 5 Plot Manager Queues

4.) Send a simple job to the cutter to test.
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